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Mediterranean Youth Academy 2022

Application form for participation in the Mediterranean Youth Academy 2022

You can view the terms of the program through this link: Mediterranean Youth Academy Program 2022

passport_number *

Full name (as written on the national ID card – Passport for Non Egyptian)*

Personal e-mail (will be contacted through) *

the address *

Gender (Female - Male) *

Date of Birth *


Phone *

Study country



Major / Department

Study year

Year of graduation (if Scroll finds year)

Degree (Scroll Diploma/Masters/PhD)

Thesis title (if any)

Year of degree (if Scroll finds year)


Can you spend 7 to 10 hours every day for five consecutive days to attend the workshops? (Scroll yes/no)

Do you agree to upload a short CV and a personal photo on social media? (Scroll yes / No)?

Would you like to join the Mediterranean Youth Foundation Team as a volunteer? (Scroll yes/no)?

Why would you like to participate in the Mediterranean Youth Academy (no less than 100 words and no more than (150 words)?

What do you know about the Mediterranean countries? (You don't need to search, just write what you know and in case you don't know you can write "I don't know")?

What are your expectations from participating in this program?

Personal Photo *

National ID Photo *

CV (pdf)

Attachments terms

  1. Attachments (please upload the attachments in PDF format, provided that they are accompanied by a scan through a Scanner).
  2. Attach one (1) recent personal photo (required photo specifications: high quality / no modifications or effects on the photo / it is individual).
  3. A copy of the national ID card / passport for non-Egyptians
  4. CV – Short bio

Note: Participation forms that do not complete the required documents will not be considered.